From the very beginning, the name sound:frame displays the equal alliance of music and (moving) image. The name contains frame, as in, the still of a film clip. 

Wrongfully treated as an orphan by many, the visual layer of the performance does not function as a frame to the music. Just like a sound that is a part of the track, a frame is a fraction of the moving image and thereby creates a little part of the artistic interplay. The musical layer receives just as much attention as the visual layer does. Intercreativity and the team-play of different art forms are at the core of the festival and its very thoughts, beliefs and intentions. Alongside audio:vision, the festival program was enriched by other artistic genres such as architecture, design, literature and classical music. 

Every year, sound:frame tries to go deeper and deeper into the subject matter, and continues to ask fresh and different questions. While in 2009, "evolution remixed!" was a review of audio:visual art history, paying close attention to the technological and artistic strategy of remixing, 2010's "dimensions" focused on the audio:visual aspects of rooms and spatial structures. In 2011, the festival theme "perFORMance" tried to shed light on the importance of processuality and performativity for audio:visual forms of expression and their different formally aesthetic shapes. In 2012, sound:frame wants to make conditions which are rarely in the focus of attention more transparent and in the process concretely discuss the construct «festival» and generally debate current cultural tendencies.

The festival tries to be able to look at these questions in different contexts and implementations, and to discuss them in theory as well as in real time. To ensure maximal coverage, every year's festival encompasses all kinds of formats, like exhibitions, live events, workshops, screenings and public discussions. sound:frame wants to be a platform that enables current artistic trends to be heard. The festival is supposed to be a meeting point to facilitate the international communication of audio:visual artists from all around the world, making artistic, formal and content-wise innovations possible.

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