«substructions» are comprised of many different layers, constructions, supporting structures, cornerstones, connecting pieces and padding. This complexity makes a project like the sound:frame festival as exciting and diversified as it is.

It's not always easy to keep the proverbial dome from collapsing and maintain the appearances, but the solidarity, teamwork and support of countless people in different areas keep it all upright.

Eva Fischer

Laura Welzenbach cultural manager

Michael Merzlikar web & graphic design coordination

Maria Pfeifer production managment MAK, team coordination

Leonhard Lass art direction

Gerald Moser exhibition setting

Romana Kleewein technical cooordination - audio

Benjamin Pokropek technical cooordination - video 

Leonard Pokropek technical cooordination - video

Thomas Planitzer technical cooordination - video

Florian Tanzer coordination team "Extra Power" 

Andrea Pessl project management und press

Michael Steingruber Online-Kommunikation

Patricia J. Friedrich editorial

Simon Hellmayr editorial coordination

Melanie Cichos project management

Natascha Fuchs international press

Martin Embacher graphic design

Katharina Hölzl graphic design

Manuel Johns trailer production

Markus Lubej trailer production

Claudio Farkasch documentation photo

Robert Hack documentation video

Ben Johnston-Arthur documentation video

Tom Hochleitner documentation video

Benjamin Menedetter documentation video

Stefan Salcher  video production and documentation

Markus Wagner video production and documentation

Thomas Oppl web programming

Alex Haberfellner web design

Julia Blaas proof reading

Ella Purivatra translation

Nicole Jäger artist assistant

Anna Schmuckmair extra power

Michael Steingruber extra power

Liza Höfer extra power

Georg Pühringer extra power

Karin Rücklinger extra power

Christoph Günther extra power

Michael Günther extra power

Rebecca Büchler support

Marcus Fieseler stage managment

Andreas Waldschütz photographx

Christian Friedrich digital imaging

Team photoshooting:
Adia Trischler & Lauren Cooke (Styling), Steffi Lamm (Hair & Make Up), Conny Aitzetmueller, Stefan Bernhard, Maria Grischenko, Faruk Pinjo, Patrick Domingo, Mathias Lindinger, Asta C. Krejci-Sebesta, Julia Sophie Luiki, Thomas Rath, Studio Roland Rudolph

Special Thanks: 
Peter Hoerburger, Valentin Menedetter, 4youreye, Morisson Club, Hotel am Brillantengrund, Susi Klub, Stefan Stürzer und das Team des Werk, Philipp Semmler, WYSIWYG Berlin, mediaOpera, LWZ Crew, Vanessa Zheng, Julian Mullan

Our heartfelt thanks to one of the most important parts of the sound:frame festival: the artists, theorists and of course the participants.

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